‘The indexes you’ve done for EUP [Edinburgh University Press] have been excellent.’ James Dale, Managing Desk Editor
‘I sincerely appreciate your thorough work and am sure the index will be a big help to readers, as well as to myself in reconsulting my own work.’ Dr Zoe Beenstock
‘Thanks to you for doing a fantastic job!’  Dr Alex Goodall
‘You’ve done an impressive job of capturing the central themes/issues of the book.’ Dr Katherine Gillen
‘You’ve captured such an incredible amount in this index and I’m really delighted.’ Dr Clara Jones
‘It is a very impressive piece of work!  You really dug in deeply.  Thank you.’ Professor Charles Palermo
‘Many thanks, once more, for your beautiful work.’  Dr Frederik Van Dam
‘Janet’s attention to detail and efficiency were impressive, as were the final results of her hard work. I’m looking forward to working with her again, and would highly recommend her to other writers.’ Dr Nell Darby
‘I consider the index a kind of triumph.   It’s a complicated book with many names, ideas, concepts, titles of works, etc., and I can’t imagine someone wanting a more comprehensive index than the one you’ve supplied.’  Professor James Engell
‘You have done a marvellous job! I don’t think I could have done it any better. In fact, to my mind this index is very comprehensive and accomplished and should be a real guide to the reader.’ Dr Philipp Erchinger